How to Upgrade cisco 7960 7940 from SCCP To SIP Firmware

This is a HOW TO  upgrade  guide for Converting a Cisco IP Phone 7940/7960 from SCCP (Skinny Call Control Protocol) to SIP Firmware 

By default, Cisco phone often come with SCCP protocol ,Which is developed to work with cisco call manager infrastructure, If you did want to run Asterisk, Trixbox,.. or any other standards-based SIP platform, you’ll need to update your Cisco phone from SCCP (Skinny Call Control Protocol)to SIP firmware  in order to use them.

So we need to install SIP firmware on the Cisco phone, we need the latest version of the SIP image file In our case this is version 7.4 if you got a new Cisco 7960 phone have SCCP firmware then you can’t install Cisco 7.4 firmware directly, first you will have to load SIP firmware version 6.x then you will upgrade it to 7.4.


The firmware upgrade procedure is significantly easier to do ,You would need below :

1)-download latest SIP firmware version from’ll need a CCO login for )
2)-download TFTP server
3)-just modify configuration files and place in the root directory of the TFTP server 
Follow these steps to enable SIP functionality:
Step #1
1-Firstly  download latest SIP firmware from here ,The .zip file should contain the following:

This file tells the Cisco 7940/7960 which binary to download from the TFTP server. This file is case sensitive and must only contain the name of the file that you want to load, without the .bin extension
where xx-y-zz is the number of the image version
where xx-y-zz is the number of the image version
where xx-u-zz is the number of the image version and “S” is for SIP
where xP0S3-xx-y-zz.sb2 x-u-zz is the number of the image version and “S” is for SIP

2-Create Cisco configuration files:

SIP<MAC adresse>.cnf 
 The MAC address must be specified in capital letters and the extension (.cnf) must be in lower case.(for example, SIP002094D245CB.cnf)
now  edite  SIP.cnf file.
line1_name : namevoip1
line1_authname : 
 namevoip2;user name registered in your Asterisk PBX

line1_password : passwvoip1;password registered in your Asterisk PBX
.write the image version you are going to use
.write  the IP address of your Asterisk server
#Image Version 
image_version:P0S3-08-2-00 ;
#Proxy server address
proxy1_address: ; 
proxy_register: 1;
add the IP address of yur Asterisk PBX 
exemple:add this tag
<loadInformation7 model="IP Phone 7960">P003-07-4-00  loadInformation7>

This is the file where you show the ringtone files
file controls the phone's matching of digits

3-After making sure that your firmware file is in the root of the TFTP server. Reboot the phone and it should automatically upgrade your firmware

If the Cisco Phone is not already running SIP protocol, then please go through Step #2

Step #2: 
1) Erase the current configuration
 The first step would be to erase the current configuration as follows:
a.Power up the phone without connecting the network cable.
b.Unlock configuration, Settings, Network Configuration.
c.Scroll down to “ Erase Configuration”: yes.
d.Press Save, then Cancel and then Exit

2) Point to an alternative TFTP server
a. Unlock configuration, Settings and Network Configuration.
b. Scroll down to TFTP server.
c. Enter the TFTP server IP address here

Step #3: 
Remove power, connect network, add power and wait. If it eventually says “a. anonymous”, then it is running SIP  

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